Low-bed Semi-trailer

MIS produces all kinds of low-bed semi-trailers (light and heavy duty). Rear ramps: - hydraulic or mechanical operated. Technical-Specifications-for-Semi-Trailer-LowBed-3-4-Axles

Bulk Carrier (Silos)

MIS manufactures dry bulk carrier (Cement Silos), with different capacities on 2, 3 & 4 axles’ semi-trailers. Technical-Specifications-for-Cement-Silo-on-Semi-Trailer

Tippers & Dumpers

MIS manufactures all kinds of tippers using hydraulic components and cylinders from international companies. Technical-Specifications-for-Rear-Tipper-Dumper-on-Semi-Trailer Technical-Specifications-for-Rear-and-side-Tipper-on-Semi-Trailer Technical-Specifications-for-Rear-Tipper-Dumper-on-Truck

Refuse & Garbage Collection Equipment

MIS produces various types of refuse collection equipment, such as:  refuse compactors, street washing tankers, hook Lifts equipment, roll on

Concrete Mixers

MIS assembles and installs all kinds of concrete mixers over trucks. Technical-Specifications-for-CONCRETE-MIXER

Semi-trailer Flatbed, Containers & Blocks

MIS produces all Kinds of semi-trailer flatbed, containers and block (2, 3 or 4 axles) with VB mechanical suspension, multi

Fire Fighting & Rescue Vehicles

MIS produces all kinds of fire fighting vehicles (light, medium, multi-purpose and heavy) using components from international companies. MIS also


MIS manufactures all kinds of tankers for transporting fuel, oil, water and sewage. These tankers are manufactured with all kinds

Containers, Cargo Box, Platform

MIS produces all kinds of: Grain containers. Platform with drop side. Platform flat-bed. Closed box isolated or not isolated. Technical

Beverage Transportation Bodies

MIS produces all kinds of beverage transportation bodies on semi-trailers and trucks: Side curtain over trucks and semi-trailers with isolation sides.

Steel Structure

MIS manufactures all kinds of steel structure buildings according to the customer requirements, such as:- Workshop building with different high