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MIS manufactures all kinds of tankers under license from ROHR co. (Germany) for transportation (Fuel, Oil, Water and Sewage) either made from Steel, Aluminum or Stainless steel. With capacities from 4m3 on light truck up to 54 m3 on semi trailers from 2 to 4 axles with all kinds of suspensions.

MIS Tankers can be manufactures either with TOP or BOTTOM loading.

2-axles semi tr chassisless fuel tank 38m3 toploading 3compart
2-axles Semi Trailer Fuel Tank 38000 m3 standard
3-axles semi tr chassisless fuel tank 45m3 toploading 3compart
3-axles Semi Trailer Fuel Tank 45000 m3 standard



Products Range
Bulk Carrier (Silos)
Tippers & Dumpers
Fire Fighting & Rescue Vehicles
Refuse & Garbage collection equipments
Semi Trailer Flatbed, Containers and Block
Low bed Semi Trailers
Passengers Car Carrier 2 Axles & 3 Axles
Beverage Transportation Bodies
Containers, Cargo Box, Platform
Concrete Mixers and Concrete Pump
Steel Structure